Focus on results with user-friendly and visually appealing layouts that help people quickly understand your message.

Design the User Experience

People make decisions about websites instantly.  Ideas2Image will help you turn a millisecond of attention into trust and engagement. We are experts in user centered design and create performance-oriented websites that strengthen critical click paths, extend retention, and increase conversions.

Our scientific process, coupled with an approach called PET research, creates a clear understanding of your user’s expectations, emotions, and conceptual models. This delivers compelling structural and page designs that help your users quickly understand what is available on your site and how to find it. Specifically, we:

  • Develop an understandable and optimized navigation
  • Increase persuasion by effectively using page elements and visual design
  • Save money and rework using wireframe and advanced prototype testing
  • Articulate a persuasion strategy the will resonate with your audience

We know how to efficiently plan your site and optimize page designs, so that your users will understand your website and be motivated to act on your message.

Structural Design

Effective navigation accounts for 80% of usability, and research indicates that people prefer to click on a clearly labeled link or button.  Forcing users to search or hunt for information is inviting a page bounce, and they will simply leave your site if they cannot find what they want.

Well-designed navigation structure builds confidence in your users, increases their browsing efficiency, and allows important information to be quickly discovered — all of which directly impact how users engage with your site. To succeed as a persuasive business tool, your website must give people what they want, in manner they will understand.

Tools we use:

  • Card Sorts
  • Information Architecture
  • Primary Noun Analysis
  • Navigation Structure
  • UX Strategy
  • PET Strategy
  • PET Frame and Meme
  • PET Theme

Interface Design

In creating the detailed screen designs for your site, we bring together research about your specific users, task flows, and persuasion strategies to create compelling visual interfaces that promote interaction and highlight your critical content. Using wireframes, advanced prototypes, and design composites, we efficiently develop a visual interface for your site that enables effective interaction with controls, improves readability, and simplifies decision making — all of which contribute to a better user experience.

We focus on efficiently verifying our results throughout the process, by testing assumptions with proven user centered design techniques. We provide you with completely defined UX structure, standards, and specifications for every screen. Our goal is to give your site an explicit visual hierarchy that matches the mental model of your user and persuasively address the emotional drives and blocks that determine whether or not people will take action.

Tools we use:

  • Design Specification
  • Wireframes
  • Advanced Prototype Test
  • Graphic Design
  • Selection and Optimization

Content Strategy

If you care about having a good website, then you need useful, usable, and engaging content — the words and imagery that are on your webpage.  Even the best-designed site cannot perform well with bad content.  Ideas2Image helps you create meaningful and strategically significant content, so that you users will immediately understand your message.  We help you plan, position, deliver, and maintain website content that engages people and search engines alike.

Building upon our PET research, we’ll help you create persuasive content that supports your UX strategy by focusing on key messages and themes.  In developing a content strategy, we address editorial style, internationalization, and accessibility. We prioritize content, so that your users can easily understand what is important on your site, and give you a roadmap to maintain your content over time.

We will create a content strategy plan that lays the groundwork for the creation, publication, and governance of useful and usable content. This plan will establish content tone, tactics for ensuring all content supports website priorities, and processes for keeping content relevant, long-term. Additionally, the content strategy plan will articulate key themes and messages, content style and tone, content purpose/objectives, content gaps and priorities, recommended content, content creation and publication, content governance, and initial SEO key word phrases.

Tools we use:

  • Editorial Tone Samples
  • Content Channel Definition
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) phrases
  • Copy writing and editing
  • Governance strategy