Meet Section 508 Compliance goals and open your products to all users.

Section 508 Compliance

Including accessibility planning in your project is a sound business decision that can expand the usefulness of your content by reaching populations that are most impacted by technology in their daily lives.  Across cultures, 50+ million (or approximately one out of every five people) has at least one disability — and this group is increasing as the global population ages.  If your organization does business with the Federal Government and produces any kind of digital deliverable, then you are required by law to build accessibility into your products and meet the requirements set forth in Section 508 of The Rehabilitation Act.   Our accessibility experts help your organization to deliver reliable results, on time and on budget.

Our accessibility audits and remediation include:

  • Prototype and early draft content analysis
  • Adherence to established industry standards like W3C WCAG 1.0 and 2.0
  • Gap analysis reporting on accessibility deficiencies
  • Accessibility audits using assistive technology, manual review, and testing
  • Creating Section 508 VPATs that align with the expectations of agencies
  • Best-practice remediation recommendations to maximize efficiency
  • Reliable remediation of web and MS Office documents

Planning for all Development Lifecycle Stages

Ideas2Image saves you money by identifying 508 compliance and accessibility concerns early in your software development lifecycle.  Proactive accessibility planning helps you avoid the high cost of late lifecycle remediation that can severely jeopardize your ability to deliver contract-critical work to your government clients. Our team of accessibility subject matter experts has a deep understanding of how to seamlessly implement Section 508 requirements into your existing development workflows.  Throughout a project, we aim to provide your team with practical guidance to maximize accessibility, maintain production efficiency, and minimize risk.

Tools we use:

  • Advanced prototype test
  • Early draft content analysis
  • Template evaluation
  • Expert review of design composites
  • Automated color contrast testing

Section 508 Audits and Remediation

We understand the development realities that are part of building digital products and are adept at helping our clients create accessible documents, e-learning modules, and websites.  We have practical experience collaborating with communication, technical, and executive teams to ensure that the meaning and impact of content is preserved throughout the 508-remediation process.  Our direct experience working with 508 offices across the government allows us to align our audit approaches with the expectations with those of your government client.

Tools we use:

  • Expert Section 508 audits
  • Automated testing
  • Testing with Assistive Technology
  • Agency-specific Section 508 guidelines
  • Closed captions and transcripts

Training and Knowledge Transfer

In order to institutionalize 508-compliance methods, it is crucial to train content creators to create materials that meet the requirements of the law.  Ideas2Image offers accessibility training that emphasizes practical techniques that can be integrated with existing workflows to achieve accessibility goals. In most cases, small adjustments will result in significant improvements to the rates of successful 508-compliance.

Topics we cover:

  • Content workflows for accessibility
  • 508 Compliant HTML coding
  • e-Learning development for Government
  • Mitigating 508 Compliance risk for Project Managers