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Art + Science = Great User Experiences

We’re problem solvers that combine art + science to create user experiences that redefine the way companies and customers interact.  We help convert interest into action. 60% of customers will visit a website before deciding to make a purchase.  Organizations in both the public and private sectors recognize that it’s less expensive to prevent usability issues from occurring in the first place than to fix later in a redesign process.  For example, $1 spent on user experience (UX) design can result in $2-$100 dollars in return.  We help reduce re-work and design platforms that perform, while incorporating a look and feel that is fresh and innovative.


Uncover what motivates your customers to take action, identify goals and steps for a redesign, or benchmark an existing product.


Make your products user-friendly and visually appealing, so your customers will understand what’s available and how to quickly find information.


Understand the real-world performance of your product and verify that designs are achieving your business goals and getting results.


Reach people and markets (including those with disabilities) impacted by technology, and conform to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

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A Few Details About Our Services…

Our scientific approach helps us understand your customer’s expectations and emotions.  Our findings enable us to make your website visually appealing and functional, all based on what drives your customers.  We also have experts with years of 508 Compliance experience and we regularly work with government clients to ensure products and services are 508 Compliant.


Learn from your audience to uncover how they think and feel about your digital products

Research:  At its core, user-centered design is about understanding the people who use your service or product.  We are experts at uncovering and defining expectations, perceptions, and conversion barriers, so that you can speak to your customers clearly – using language, tone, and messages that truly resonate with them.

Our in-depth research helps you discover gaps and align your service or product with your customers’ expectations.  We can accomplish this, because we use scientifically-based methodologies and tools to determine the needs of your customers.  Gathering this first-hand knowledge allows us to focus on the aspects of your service or product that matter most.  We can help you with the following:

  • Evaluate the need for a website redesign
  • Prioritize short-term fixes and long-term improvements
  • Convince executive teams to fund website improvements
  • Discover factors that drive or block your customer’s willingness to engage

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Turn a millisecond of attention into lasting trust and deep engagement

Design:  People who use your digital product must be able to quickly understand where information is and how to find it.  We are experts in user experience (UX) design and know how to efficiently plan your site and optimize page designs, so that your customers will understand your website and be motivated to act on your message.  Our goal is to improve all aspects of your customer’s interaction with your digital product.

Our experienced UX designers focus on creating site structures and screen layouts that intuitively convey a clear sense of hierarchy and meaning as research indicates that well designed sites build confidence with users.  We understand that forcing customers to hunt for information will cause them to leave your site and look elsewhere.

Our focus is on your message, clearly delivered in an easy-to-use interface that uses plain language to engage your audience.  We can help you with the following:

  • Optimize your site navigation
  • Increase persuasion by effectively using page elements and visual design
  • Save you money and rework using wireframe and advanced prototype testing
  • Articulate a persuasion strategy the will resonate with your audience

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Ensure that your digital products are achieving your business and UX goals

Testing:  Understanding the real-world performance of your website is critical. We’ll give you unbiased answers to important questions so you can better focus resources and optimize your digital product.  We provide you with a detailed analysis report with the methods used, results, and design recommendations, which can be used to refine your online strategy.

From development through deployment, we verify that your user experience (UX) objectives have been met, and identify areas of improvement.

Our focus on success doesn’t stop once your product is launched.  We assess real-world performance to ascertain the success of the design, and look for opportunities to improve within all stages of the software development lifecycle. We can help you with the following:

  • Verify that designs are achieving your business goals
  • Identify areas of an existing product that need improvement
  • Select between competing designs
  • Test for effectiveness
  • Make ongoing improvements
  • Make sure UX objectives have been met

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Make your website accessible to everyone and meet the necessary requirements of Section 508

Section 508 Compliance:  Everyone deserves to access the internet. If your website is not built correctly, you could be closing the door to more than 50 million people. We’re here to help and will ensure your website, applications and related electronic information can be accessed by everyone, including those with disabilities.

Section 508 of the National Rehabilitation Act requires that all content on U.S. Government web sites must be readily accessible to people with disabilities. This applies to web applications, web pages, and all attached media files. We have expert knowledge of how people with disabilities interact with information technology and understand Section 508 requirements and related legislation.

Our team will deliver reliable results, on time and within budget. We’ll help you save money by identifying 508 Compliance and accessibility concerns early in your software development lifecycle. Proactive accessibility planning helps you avoid the high cost of late lifecycle remediation that can severely jeopardize your ability to deliver contract-critical work to your government clients. Our team has a deep understanding of how to seamlessly implement Section 508 requirements into existing development workflows. We also understand the realities of content production and we’re adept at collaborating with communication, technical, and executive teams to ensure the meaning and impact of content is preserved throughout the remediation process. We have direct experience working with 508 offices across the government, and can align our audit approaches with the expectations of your government client(s).

We’ll evaluate the following and implement recommendations based on 508 Compliance requirements:

  • Prototype and early draft content analysis
  • Adherence to established industry standards like W3C WCAG 1.0 and 2.0
  • Gap analysis reporting on accessibility deficiencies
  • Accessibility audits using assistive technology, manual review, and automated testing
  • Creating Section 508 VPATs that align with the expectations of government agencies
  • Best practice remediation recommendations to maximize efficiency
  • Reliable remediation of web and office documents (HTML, Word, PowerPoint, PDF)

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