Wetherburne Homes Website

Content Strategy / Functional Requirements Definition / Information Architecture / Interface Design / UX Strategy / Web Development

Ideas2Image worked with Wetherburne Homes to create a redesigned website that reflects the high quality of the firm’s custom homes. The site is driven by a powerful inventory management system, built by Ideas2Image.

Project Synopsis

A high-end custom home builder needed website work and we were there to help.  The elegant home designs that Wetherburne offers were hidden behind circuitous navigation and a dated interface design.  Ideas2Image examined Wetherburne’s business process, target audience, and marketing objectives; we delivered a website that is visually aligned with the Wetherburne brand, and purpose-built to streamline the firm’s site administration needs. Once we understood the how to solve the core needs of the firm, we began to create the look and feel of the redesign.  During this phase, we conducted an audit of the Wetherburne brand to maintain a high degree of continuity with existing material, developed a color palette, and articulated the brand qualities that needed to be portrayed in the visual elements of the site.  Working in an iterative manner with Wetherburne, Ideas2Image created and refined the interface designs and graphics that would be used on the website. When the supporting plans and designs had been completed, Ideas2Image  developed the website.  Wetherburne Homes announced the of launched their redesigned website with an HTML email to their existing clients and partners.  The owner of Wetherburne was “very pleased with the result.”