VA Learning University 508 Compliance and Training

508 Compliance / eLearning / Training

The VA Learning University (VALU) produces hundreds of hours of training each year to veterans.  Ideas2Image worked on behalf of VALU to ensure that vendor-created training materials were compliant with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Project Synopsis

Ideas2Image provided Section 508 consulting services to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) from 2013-2016.  We worked closely with stakeholders at the VALU to institutionalize an early lifecycle audit process that was patterned after our own methodologies.  Our accessibility experts functioned as a liaison between the VA 508 office and vendors contracted to deliver digital materials (e.g., e-learning, PDFs, websites, Etc.).  Our 508-compliance team collaborated with vendors, from contract inception to delivery, to help content creators interpret and implement the requirements set forth by the VA’s Section 508 office.  Over the course of a project, we provide both consultative feedback and final audit results.  We were able to remove ambiguity early in the production process, and minimize post-submission 508 violations.