Sushi AOI Website

Functional Requirements Definition / Information Architecture / Interface Design / Web Development

Sushi AOI has gained a reputation one of the great Washington sushi spots. However, the restaurant did not have a website. Ideas2Image was brought in to create an elegant web presence that would help the establishment to further stand apart from the competition.

Project Synopsis

During Sushi AOI’s brand refinement project, the restaurant’s proprietor asked that Ideas2Image update his website in a way that would stand out from other restaurants. The new website would be used as an online brochure, to expose the user to the ambiance of the restaurant and display a menu. Ideas2Image created a Flash-based website that includes an easily updated gallery module to highlight some of the details found in the restaurant.

Sushi AOI built its reputation by delivering sushi withe fresh ingredients that always tasted great. Its patrons enjoyed the casual atmosphere, and many would stop in for a quick bite to sample the fresh selection throughout the day. During our brand audit, Ideas2Image met with the staff of the restaurant and discussed the perceptions of the establishment’s strengths. Of course, everyone mentioned the food quality, but an accompanying theme emerged—the Japanese heritage and tradition.

The sushi chefs at AOI consider themselves to be artisans, who practice a craft that has been handed down through generations. A website could not be considered a success if this aspect of the culture was not communicated. Ideas2Image set out to design an interface that conveyed the unmistakeable of the Japanese tradition. We worked with the owner of Sushi AOI to conduct an on site photo-shoot, so that the website images would reflect the authentic nature of the sushi experience. Then built those images into a user interface that was create through our iterative design process.

Ideas2Image built an image gallery and slide show module, which allowed Sushi AOI to easily update photos and text on the site. This system was constructed so that nontechnical users could quickly change content on the website.