Seaport Properties Website

Content Strategy / Functional Requirements Definition / Information Architecture / Interface Design / UX Strategy / Web Development

Seaport Properties delivers great service to Old Town, but needed a website that matched. IDEAS2IMAGE created a custom-designed website that includes an easily updated gallery module, featured listings, and subtle animation that has been prominently featured in the restaurant’s promotions.

Project Synopsis

Seaport Properties needed a website and we worked with the owner to identify her goals and then developed a plan accordingly.  Our approach included website architecture, content strategy, and page wireframes so that we could establish a shared vision of how the redesigned website would function.  We designed and built a web platform that could easily be maintained by the staff at Seaport Properties, and empowered the team to make business-critical property updates as the market landscaped evolved.  The final result was a website that met the business needs of the company and was able to be easily managed by her staff.