Permission Data Presentation App

Functional Requirements Definition / Information Architecture / Interface Design / UX Strategy / Web Development

Ideas2image created a lead generation tool and product demo for Permission Data, so that the sales team could send customized presentations to potential clients.

Project Synopsis

Permission Data provides web businesses with valuable advertising tools that are unobtrusive and displayed on screen after the user has granted permission for an ad to be displayed. To support the firm’s business development efforts, Ideas2image created a Flash presentation app that can be customized by the in-house sales team and given to prospective clients. The tool employs animation and a navigaional system that allows users to explore the content in guided or passive modes.

To make the tool more flexible, Ideas2image created a web management module. This allowed Permission Data’s staff to modify content in the presentation and export a new copy of the file, all from a web browser. This meant that the Permission Data sales could be responsive to a prospect’s request for information, by updating the content of the Flash piece. All modifications can be made by a nontechnical user, without the help of a designer.