JPAssociates Website Redesign

Content Strategy / Information Architecture / Interface Design / UX Strategy / Web Development

J.P. Associates (JPA) used their website as an online brochure, but knew that more could be accomplished. IDEAS2IMAGE created an updated look, secure employee area, and search engine friendly code to help JPA expand the firm’s online marketing.

Project Synopsis

JPA is a veteran-owned small business that delivers financial systems, business processes, and audit preparedness expertise. The company has long maintained a corporate website, however it was ready update the look, add an employee area, and use the site to attract talent. Ideas2Image built a new website for JPA, working with the firm to create a site architecture, establish a new look and feel, select imagery, conduct initial search engine optimization, and integrate the Expression Engine Contact Management System (CMS) with custom components.

Anytime a company redesigns its website, it is a significant focus of the firm; this was especially true for JPA. As a small, tight-knit organization, JPA wanted to create a tool for business growth and recruitment while remaining true to their culture. When Ideas2Image first met with JPA, we talked about how the website could benefit the firm, beyond functioning as an information delivery tool. From these conversations, a clear picture began to emerge of JPA’s vision for their website—it should be an evolution, not a revolution.

To maintain continuity with the firm’s existing website, Ideas2Image began the planning process by constructing an architectural diagram of JPA’s previous website. We looked at the organization, page names, and content delivery to understand what was working and why. Our team then began to expand and revise the architecture, to meet the demands of the website redesign. When viewed side-by-side, the old and new documents represented a clear evolutionary growth of content.

Our process dictates the we develop an understanding of the problem and structure before moving on to the design phase of a project. With JPA, this model allowed us to define the items that would appear in the main navigation in a way that kept a strong connection with the previous website’s navigation. Consequently, this freed our designers to use approaches to navigation that might not have otherwise been selected. At the end of our iterative process, Ideas2Image delivered a design that provided a new look that evolved JPA’s brand.