International Law Enforcement Academy Network

Content Strategy / Functional Requirements Definition / User Research / UX Strategy

The global website network for the U.S. Department of State’s International Law Enforcement Academies (ILEAs) needed to be reworked.  To make the most of the budgeted funds, Ideas2Image defined the need’s of the law enforcement audience and indemnified engagement strategies.

Project Synopsis

Ideas2Image was tasked with understanding the user’s needs for an international law-enforcement website. We conducted interviews to uncover how users interacted with the existing site, expectations for a redesign, and various tools that would assist them in performing their jobs.  We used findings to formulate a plan to redevelop the existing website properties and partnered those findings with industry best practices.  We identified key content channels to engage the audience, defined what kinds of material would be created, and designed a content governance plan.  Finally, we created a sitemap, developed wireframes, and developed initial technical requirements for the client.