Fishbowl Website

Functional Requirements Definition / UX Strategy / Web Development

Fishbowl Marketing had a vision for how their website could be redesigned to help expand their on-demand marketing business. Ideas2Image developed a customized system to meet the company’s exacting specifications.

Project Synopsis

Fishbowl Marketing is the leading provider of on-demand marketing software and services to the restaurant industry. The firm leverages the Internet to deliver their service, and recognizes the importance of up-to-date web content as an important component of their website. Fishbowl’s in-house team had developed an interface design, and worked with Ideas2Image to bring it to life. We refined the design composites and created a site architecture that would support a high degree of flexibility, in both number of pages and page layout. Our system was built around Expression Engine, and included CSS styling, custom Expression Engine components, HTML 5 templates, javascripts, and integration.

As Fishbowl Marketing’s market expanded, the firm increasingly relied on its website as a business development tool. The company’s success meant that Fishbowl’s internal marketing team faced a growing administrative challenge managing the site’s day-to-day updates, specialized forms, and targeted messages on their site. It quickly became apparent that a new approach was needed. Ideas2Image was brought in to help Fishbowl design a system that would minimize administrative overhead, while delivering a flexible structure that used Fishbowl’s in-house designs.

Over the years, we have refined our processes to help ensure that Ideas2Image effectively delivers every time. Although Fishbowl had a well thought out site architecture and interface design, we relied on our proven process and began the project with a thorough review of the firm’s website needs. By speaking with Fishbowl, understanding their challenges, and examining their existing materials, Ideas2Image was able to recommend refined approaches that would significantly reduce Fishbowl’s long-term website administrative burdens.

Ideas2Image delivered a revised website architecture, content outline, and page wireframes to Fishbowl, so that we could establish a shared vision of how the redesigned website would function. We worked closely with Fishbowl’s in-house team to revise the interface designs to accommodate the planned system, and used these design composites as a basis for creating HTML templates.

The system functionality required by Fishbowl could not be found in an existing Content Management System (CMS). Ideas2Image performed a gap analysis on our preferred CMS, Expression Engine, and identified areas in which new system components would need to be created. To deliver the exact functionality the Fishbowl required, we created Expression Engine plug-ins, modules, and extensions. Each component was planned, prototyped, developed and tested by Ideas2Image.