FAA Interactive Presentation App

Functional Requirements Definition / Information Architecture / Interface Design / UX Strategy / Web Development

Ideas2Image created a presentation app to help the FAA present organized video segments in a highly configurable interface.

Project Synopsis

In support of the NextGen program at the the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Ideas2Image teamed with AvMet Applications Incorporated’s (AvMet) to create an interactive presentation app to help communicate the benefits of the next generation of weather planning. The interactive piece was deigned to be used as a presentation tool, or as a stand-alone promotional piece. The content within the presentation could be easily controlled, including messaging, photos, and video content.

When used as a speaking aid, the tool would be run on a laptop and provide a visual experience that went far beyond the capabilities of standard presentation decks. The interface could be configured to present a series of videos that would be played in a portion of the screen, or in full screen mode. The presenter was able to load and sequence a number of video files, then play videos in sequence. This enabled the message to be finely tuned, depending on the audience to which the presenter was speaking.