Business Transformation Group Web App

Functional Requirements Definition / Information Architecture / Interface Design / Training / Web Development

As an business service firm, The Business Transformation group (BTG) relies on highly personalized engagements to help understand the needs of their clients. Ideas2Image was brought in to migrate this experience to the on-line environment.

Project Synopsis

BTG helps organizations to analyze and improve their performance, across many facets of operational focus. A central component of their methodology is a structured assessment that is designed to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses that might not be initially evident.  The valuable service had traditionally been delivered during in-person engagements, but BTG saw an opportunity to do more.

Ideas2Image helps BTG expand the footprint of their business by creating an online application that provided complex evaluations, reporting and administrative customization for building tailored assessments. The custom-built online tool featured a secure testing area, automated and personalized feedback, an assessment dashboard with visual reporting, and the capability save results to PDF files. Ideas2Image also integrated the BTG system with online payments and pricing customization, so that BTG could tailor the fiscal aspects of the system to individual customers. Since the launch of the online application, BTG has successfully engaged several governmental entities and education organizations, along with commercial clients.