Art of Health Massage Website

Content Strategy / Functional Requirements Definition / Information Architecture / Interface Design / UX Strategy / Web Development

The Art of Health, LLC helps people to obtain health and promote well-being through quality therapeutic massage. Ideas2Image created a website for the practice to promote the benefits of therapeutic message, and allow the therapists to more effectively communicate with their clients.

Project Synopsis

The Art of Health is a highly specialized niche therapeutic massage practice that views massage as part of a holistic approach to wellness. Like many small businesses, The Art of Health organically built a client base through their exceptional quality of service. However, without a website, it was difficult for potential clients to learn about therapeutic massage and the credentials of the firm’s therapists. The Art of Health engaged Ideas2Image to create a branded website that would help the practice reach a broader audience to espouse the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, balanced living, and massage. Ideas2Image created a visually engaging website, branded HTML e-mail campaigns, and an Internet marketing strategy to foster long-term organic growth.

Creating the first website for an organization is a rewarding task, because the process of articulating a message and defining goals often have the secondary effect of clarifying the overall marketing approach of the firm. During our the exploratory phase of the project, it became clear the founder of The Art of Health had a strong vision for the website and overall business philosophy.

The Art of Health believes in a holistic approach to wellness, in which many factors influence the individual’s results. This philosophy is applied to the physical space of the practice; it is beautifully arranged to promote calm relaxation during the massage. Through our iterative design process, Ideas2Image extended this aesthetic into the visual components of the company’s website. The final design used a calming palette of blues, grays, and Earth tones to promote a feeling of calm in the website visitor.

To increase the effectiveness of the website, Ideas2Image created branded HTML e-mail designs. As part of an overall Internet marketing campaign, these mailers are used by the firm for ongoing client communiqués and promotional activities. Response rates and websites metrics are measured with Google Analytics™. The owner of The Art of Health was pleased with the project, and the way that it helped the practice to grow.