Alexandria, DC, and Virginia web design, branding, multimedia, search engine opimization (SEO), and search engine marketing (SEM) -- IDEAS2IMAGE, an award winning Interactive Design Agency.

Historical footage of ENSCO brought to life with animation and video.

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA—July 21, 2010—In support of a recruitment effort by Falls Church-based ENSCO, Inc., IDEAS2IMAGE® created a multimedia video presentation that will help to streamline the firm’s orientation process.  Our team combined historical footage, animation, and motion graphics to create a modular video that provides an overview of ENSCO’s business areas.  To maximize the usefulness of the piece, each thematic module was designed to be used as an independent element for targeted promotions.

IDEAS2IMAGE helped ENSCO to plan and produce a video presentation that effectively conveyed an understanding of the company’s diverse scientific competencies.  Working within an existing budget, IDEAS2IMAGE proposed an approach that was closely aligned with ENSCO’s recent rebranding efforts and leveraged existing footage to establish a sense of historical continuity.  With engaging animation interspersed throughout the video, ENSCO’s corporate story was clearly presented for a new generation of employees.

About ENSCO, Inc.

ENSCO, Inc. provides engineering, science and advanced technology solutions for the defense, security, transportation, and aerospace industries. A privately held company with a history of innovation spanning four decades, ENSCO’s revenue exceeds $100 million annually. ENSCO is headquartered near Washington, D.C., with field offices throughout the United States and representatives across the globe.


IDEAS2IMAGE is an award winning interactive design agency, located in Alexandria, Virginia. The firm creates high-quality website design, internet marketing, brand identity, and multimedia.  Founded in 2006, IDEAS2IMAGE has helped organizations, across many industries, get the most out of their interactive media.

Press Contact:
Sean McDevitt

IDEAS2IMAGE, i2i, and the IDEAS2IMAGE logo are trademarks of IDEAS2IMAGE.  Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.



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