Alexandria, DC, and Virginia web design, branding, multimedia, search engine opimization (SEO), and search engine marketing (SEM) -- IDEAS2IMAGE, an award winning Interactive Design Agency.

IDEAS2IMAGE Launches New Website—Refocused, Redesigned...Reborn

IDEAS2IMAGE Launches New Website

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA—February 24, 2010—IDEAS2IMAGE®, an interactive design agency, launches a redesigned corporate website to propel the firm’s growth in 2010.  The new uses a bold visual design that represents an evolution of the IDEAS2IMAGE brand and company.  The revamped interface gives website visitors the best vantage point from which to take in IDEAS2IMAGE—the work, service, and story.  The redesign features a client-centric message, expansive gallery of work samples, company news/blog, and code that is built on modern web standards.

IDEAS2IMAGE begins each project with a conversation, to learn about the client’s vision and understand their needs.  The new website starts this dialogue by providing visitors with an introduction to IDEAS2IMAGE.  The narrative discusses the firm’s clients, why they work with IDEAS2IMAGE, and testimonials about the results.  The service descriptions are straight forward and jargon-free, so people can decide if IDEAS2IMAGE is a good fit with their organization.   On the website, visitors will find an extensive gallery of project samples that include large images and a description of each job. 

The redesigned website is built using CSS, HTML, and Javascript.  The system is powered by the versitile ExpressionEngine® Content Management System.  IDEAS2IMAGE developed a custom configuration of ExpressionEngine to support the specific functionality of the website, including Twitter integration, RSS feeds, and modular content.  IDEAS2IMAGE uses ExpressionEngine as its preferred development platform.


IDEAS2IMAGE is an award winning interactive design agency, located in Alexandria, Virginia. The firm creates high-quality website design, internet marketing, brand identity, and multimedia.  Founded in 2006, IDEAS2IMAGE has helped organizations, across many industries, get the most out of their interactive media.

Press Contact:
Sean McDevitt

IDEAS2IMAGE, i2i, and the IDEAS2IMAGE logo are trademarks of IDEAS2IMAGE.  Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.



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