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BTG Website Expanded with New Components from IDEAS2IMAGE

BTG Website Reports

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA—April 16, 2010—IDEAS2IMAGE®, an interactive design agency, expands the functionality of the Business Transformation Group’s (BTG) website with a series of system extensions.  The enhanced modules allow questions in the firm’s business maturity assessments to be tagged with meta data that add greater context to a user’s results.  Using the new functionality, BTG is able to deliver a higher degree of granular data to its clients. 

The proprietary BTG Management Maturity Model was launched as a website in late 2008.  Over the course of the next year, BTG gathered and analyzed the assessments completed by its users.  As trends began to emerge, the firm identified an approach that could expand the level of insight it could deliver to its clients.  IDEAS2IMAGE worked with BTG to effectively translate the firm’s vision into a efficient system component that delivers contextual data in the form of statics and bar graphs.

As part of the development effort, IDEAS2IMAGE worked with BTG to articulate the technical and business objectives of the expanded system component.  The new modules are built in HTML, mySQL, and PHP.  IDEAS2IMAGE specializes in delivering custom website solutions to its clients.

About The Business Transformation Group

The Business Transformation Group (BTG) is a management consulting services company. We provide management consulting services to Federal and state government agencies, and private corporations.  We specialize in assisting large organizations with small business assistance and partnership programs. In addition, we provide a unique service model to emerging business owners who need high quality growth strategy and transformation consulting at an affordable cost.  We do this through a membership model.


IDEAS2IMAGE is an award winning interactive design agency, located in Alexandria, Virginia. The firm creates high-quality website design, internet marketing, brand identity, and multimedia.  Founded in 2006, IDEAS2IMAGE has helped organizations, across many industries, get the most out of their interactive media.

Press Contact:
Sean McDevitt

IDEAS2IMAGE, i2i, and the IDEAS2IMAGE logo are trademarks of IDEAS2IMAGE.  Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.



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